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Here you will obtain answers to some of the questions our locksmith professionals are frequently asked by clients. Use the information on this page to ensure that all door locks and keys which you use are in proper working order and provide the highest possible level of security at all times.

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What will I do if I lose my car keys?

If this happens, our experts at Locksmith Cypress suggest checking the car key code. If you are the original buyer of the car, then it is available. In addition, look into the car manual. The code is there. A key can be fitted into the car too, but it is costly. So, using the key code is better.

Why is car rekeying a better option?

You might be surprised being offered a recommendation of car rekey instead of changing the whole thing if keys are lost. Car rekeying means adjusting the tumblers inside so that it can only be opened using a new key. It is a much easier and cheaper method to open your car.

Why should I use high security locks?

High security locks provide extra protection against break-ins, as they are less susceptible to forced entry. It is much more difficult to insert and maneuver lock-picking tools in a high security lock. Installing high security locks can help you feel more at ease if you are often away from home and concerned about your house being unattended.

My key has broken off inside the ignition of my car, can you get it out?

If your car key breaks inside your ignition, do not attempt to retrieve it yourself. Often picking at a key can jam the broken piece further inside the ignition and possibly ruin delicate inner parts of the ignition. Our mobile technicians have the tools to properly extract the broken key without damaging your vehicle and we can usually duplicate your key on the spot.

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