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If you have been searching for the most effective practical tips in the locksmith industry, you can sigh with relief because you have just found them. This dedicated page offers essential advice which all door lock and key users should read and follow closely to have the security and safety they require.

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Choose locks with keys difficult to duplicate

There are keys that are easy to duplicate. Locks with keys like these are usually easier to pick too. Our experts suggest getting high security locks that come with difficult to duplicate keys. This gives clients better protection as not only your key can’t be easily duplicated, but also difficult to pick the lock.

Select keys that need authorization for copying

There are keys that cannot be easily copied. It’s best to have these for maximum protection. To have these keys duplicated, the person would need your authorization. This prevents unauthorized individuals from getting a copy of your key, even if they know the key code. It may be more expensive than regular ones but it’s a wise security measure.

Don't break your lock!

Whenever you have a problem with a lock, don't break it in an effort to fix whatever's wrong. Lock replacement almost always will cost you more than a locksmith's fee. Call our professionals instead. We have the tools to safely get your lock working again without doing damage to the lock or your property.


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