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The Pros and Cons of Modern Electrical Locks

06/28/2015 Back To Blog

Science has evolved tremendously over the course of the past few decades – and this includes every single field of activity. Locks and the safety systems make absolutely no exception from the norm and have evolved a lot too. From the old-school mechanical locks to the more electrical, very modern ones, we seem to have come a long way.

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The Pros and Cons of Modern Electrical LocksLike with everything else in the world, electrical locks come with their advantages and with their disadvantages too. Before you decide to install any type of lock, it is important that you are aware of both the pros and the cons of electrical locks. If you want to find out more about this, read on:

* One of the most common advantages of an electrical lock is related to the fact that it will work easier. Regardless of what type of modern lock you choose (because there is more than one out there), you can always have it mounted higher for children not to reach it as well.

* One disadvantage related to the modern lock systems is related to the fact that having an electrical or electromagnetic lock can cost quite a lot. Even more than that, it may not always be 100% suitable for just about any type of doors. For instance, aluminum framed doors may be too thin for an electric lock to be mounted on them

* Another thing some would consider a disadvantage when it comes to the more modern lock systems is related to the fact that you will need a code or a card to enter the house or the office. Codes can be remembered, but the cards are quite difficult (and expensive to replace). If you know that this is a possibility for you and if you know that you might not have all the money to maintain such a lock systems, you might want to skip it.

* Last, but definitely not least, keep in mind the fact that you can have someone install two types of locks on the same door (classic mortise and electronic swipe, for example).

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